Stream Clean Gross Pollutant Trap

//Stream Clean Gross Pollutant Trap
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Project Description

The StreamClean Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) has been developed as part of BCP’s commitment to the environment.

The purpose of the GPT is primarily to collect large/heavy particles, oil, light litter, leaves, etc from the stormwater run-off. When installed in a stormwater drainage system, the GPT radically reduces the level of pollution in downstream waterways such as creeks, rivers, beaches, estuaries and coastal lagoons.
Trash, sediment and pollutants that find their way into the stormwater are efficiently trapped in the GPT. The StreamClean GPT is able to capture 100% of coarse sediments and gross pollutants in the stormwater run-off when operating at its treatment flow rate.

The GPT is easy to install in almost any location, and trapped material is easily removed by commercial eduction equipment

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