Precast Grease Arrestors

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Project Description

  • Up to and including 4000 Litres, the inlet and outlet connections are 100mm diameter
  • The 5000 Litre unit has 150mm diameter inlet and outlet connections
  • Step Irons and platforms are available for all sizes of grease arrestors
  • If depth of pit to invert exceeds 1m then a platform and steps are required.
  • Standard units are suitable for in-ground use only.
  • Inlet/outlet Pipe and fittings are made of PVC and are not supplied with unit and are subject to local authority standards
  • (PVC fittings are not supplied with unit and subject to local authority standards)
  • All units are coated internally with Bitumen

750L, 1000L, 1500L & 2000L Pit 4 x 2.5 ton lifters – Riser & Lid 4 x 1.5 ton lifters
3000L, 4000L & 5000L Pit 4 x 5 ton lifters – Riser & Lid 4 x 2.5 ton and 4 x 1.5 ton lifters

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