Circular Water Troughs

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Project Description

Circular Water Troughs are Available in the sizes below:

  • 4500L
  • 2700L
  • 1300L
  • 675L
  • 450L
  • 360L
  • Large sizes suitable for mobs of cattle
  • 1300 Dia trought also available in 450mm height, suitable for sheep
  • 775mm high trough suitable for horses
  • Rounded rim to minimise stock injuries
  • Strong, durable design
  • Standard Float Valves are brass
  • Standard outlet is a brass fitting, threaded 100mm BCP with screwed plug
  • 3 equidistant 13 tonne ‘swiftlift’ lifting points in the floor
  • Precast concrete keeps water cool, reducing the risk of bacteria
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