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We are engaging a National pre employment medical provider JOBFIT that will undertake a physical/medical exam, hearing test and Drug and Alcohol test for the Group. 

This Company can also conduct Random Drug and Alcohol testing on site going forward when the new D&A Policy is established.
This will ensure we have the same reporting, consistent and lower cost for each hire and lower our risk of workcover related claims (if pre existing conditions are highlighted before hiring of staff).
The JobFit team also provide the admin service where, once the booking requested the "MediManager" system they then contact the applicant/staff member and complete the booking. The bookings and results turnaround are generally within 48 hours. We will look at doing all production/yard/service staff in the first instance and consider if we need a lower range medical for office staff at a later stage.

Civilmart has an account set up and can now book appointments, track our requests, read status notes from the JobFit team, and download medical results through MediManager.

There is a list of locations plotted to our current sites in the Group.
If they don't have a clinic nearby they will refer to an "affiliated" clinic using the same reporting and booking service (a slightly higher cost per medical) and will also source new clinics closer to our sites if required and trained them in the process.

Upon discussion with the Managers in QLD it was decided that we would do medicals for Production staff moving from Labour Hire to permanent on our payroll we would then get them to undertake a full medical (generally at the 6 month mark). At a minimum all labour hire or direct casual/full time Production staff must undertake a urine D&A test prior to commencing on site. This will reduce the cost of putting casuals that may not continue long term. For VIC and SA sites all employees are put on direct via payroll therefore we need to ensure at a minimum they undertake a D&A test prior to commencement (this is currently the process). Within our log on with the JobFit system I have put both "D&A" testing only and then "full medical" as the requests.

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